You should know that there are several different types of storage facilities that offer different incentives to their customers.They range in price and convenience and some are more popular than others. The different types of storage space Toronto include: moving company storage, self storage units, mobile storage, climate controlled storage, temperature controlled storage.

Each of the storage options listed above have additional options within them. Each type of storage company options like climate control and temperature control. Now, don’t be fooled by what some storage facilities might advertise. There’s a difference between climate controlled units and temperature controlled storage units. The difference being, climate controlled storage controls the entire climate of the container, including obstacles like humidity.  In temperature controlled storage units, the temperature is allowed to fluctuate in a larger range and the temperature can change by a lot. The temperature within the storage unit is normally similar to that of the entire storage facility, which doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing. However, if a storage company doesn’t have air conditioning, and runs hot and humid in the summer, the shed will be the same way and this is a very good thing for you to know.

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Each storage unit has a basic level of security, normally it’s a padlock or combination lock. On top of that, most storage companies keep a log of who enters and when they leave. Some companies require a personal code to be let in to the facility, and others just have a sign in/sign out sheet. Public self storage companies with containers located within a building typically only allow access during business hours, which decreases the risk for theft and other mischievous activity.Knowing all these we think that you are ready to choose your storage space and to be sure that you will make the best choice.