If you are moving to a new home, you will be moving a lot of heavy items like furniture, beds, TV’s, tables, kitchen chairs, and even the boxes you have packed will be pretty hefty. If you aren’t careful, you could end up doing damage to your floors while moving everything out at once. Not only will you be leaving unwanted damage for the new residents of your home, you will be responsible for paying for any damages that happen during your move.

Here are a few tips to ensure your flooring and carpet aren’t damaged while you are moving out of your home.

How to protect hard flooring

If you have hardwood or tile flooring, you want to avoid making any scratches, dents or chips to keep the integrity of the flooring intact for the new residents. Here are a few things to consider when moving to an area with tile or hardwood flooring.

Don’t drag anything

When moving heavy furniture like sofas or couches, do not drag them across your floors. Grab a couple of friends or family members to help carry it out to the moving truck. If worse comes to worse and you need to push furniture across the floor, you need to use furniture sliders so no scratches will appear on your floor.

Use furniture blankets

For added safety, use thick blankets to cover furniture when you move it. This will help protect the corners of your walls and will protect your floor if you accidentally drop the furniture you are carrying.

Use high-quality boxes

When you are moving, you will probably be packing a lot of items into each box. If the box breaks, all of your items would fall out onto the floor causing a big mess and risk chipping your floor. If you can’t find a lot of high-quality boxes, you will need to pack each box with fewer items.

Use doormats

During your move, a lot of people will be walking in and out of your house. This could potentially track a lot of dirt and grime inside your house. Having doormats will allow people to wipe off their feet when they enter your home, lowering the amount of cleaning you will need to do before you leave.

How to protect carpeting

During a move, your carpets are susceptible to tearing and getting dirty. You want to make sure that the new residents have a nice, clean home to move into on day one, so follow these tips to ensure your carpets are in pristine condition.

Cover your carpet with old rugs and blankets

Covering your carpet with blankets and rugs you never use will add a protective layer that won’t allow any spills to find their way onto your floor. It will also protect your carpet if you accidentally drop anything during the move.

If you don’t have enough blankets and rugs to cover your floor, you can use plastic film or cardboard to cover the rest of your floor!

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