Moving your home or office can be a life changing event. It offers the chance of a new start but it can be difficult regarding moving certain objects, not to mention that sometimes objects can get lost on the way or get broken. Moving should be an enjoyable experience, stress free. By choosing us, you can be sure that everything will go according to the plan. Our professionals will make sure to take extra care of your pesronal belongings and store them in a gated facility in case the items can not reach the drop off point the same day.


Long distance movers Toronto Services

We offer not only professional moving services such as a long distance movers Torontobut also storage for all sort of household goods, in a secured facility. Long and short distance moving, residential moving and office moving are other services we offer.

Long distance movers Toronto


Long distance moving will be made attentively by our workers, they will move the items from the pick-up point to your destination as quickly and as safely as possible. You will be kept informed as to any changes that are being made by your moving specialist as well as to any completed tasks. The professional will stay by your side until the moment your completly satisfied with the moment you can enjoy the new office or home.

The fees for an interstate move can vary depending on the size and weight of the cargo as well as to the distance from the pick-up point to the drop-off. Please note that in case there are any barriers or access retrictions, you will need to make the arrangements for the in order for the truck to access your walkway and make sure to notify the movers. This can reduce the cost of the interstate move.

Office moving requires experience with planning and project management, familiarity with modular furniture and storage units as well as detailed knwoledge to commercial properties. Our team of long distance movers Toronto will provide your businesses with fast and efficient moves, deliveries, and packing services. Your office will be moved after a proper planning and the team will make sure to surpass your expectations.

Office moving

Residential moving is made easier and faster than long distance moving, but the steps involved in the process are the same ones. Every relocation is different, because of unique requirements and needs. Our professionals will recommend the best strategies and do the proper planning and preparation so that you can move easily your home or bussiness.


Toronto Pro Moving & Storage is a service that the items will be stored in a secured location, that is monitored 24 hours per day. Our mission is to simplify the Toronto moving process so that you experience minimum stress and maximum freedom for a very reasonable price.

The services for storage include:

  • 24 hr Video Surveillance&Monitored Alarm System
  • 100% Climate Controlled Units
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Computer Controlled Entry
  • Customer Storage Insurance

The storage is provided for all types of household goods. Units sizes, units that will hold and specific info can be found on the dedicated section of the site. If you are moving office, your home or just need a storage facility, why not choose us? we are professionals and have been trusted by hundreds of users and we offer full service from start until finish, and keep you posted with any details and tasks performed.

The estimates for your move can be either requested, by asking a free quote or you can fill out an Online Estimate.