Nowadays people relocate quite often, for various reasons, personal or professional. Regardless of the reason, we think that it should be an enjoyable experience . Stress free and have your objects intact upon arrival, as our experts will guide you and offer all the support you need so that you can enjoy your new home or office.


Long Distance Movers


Long distance moving

Our professional long distance movers can help you relocate to Otawa or Montreal the same day, for small loads ( bachelor , 1 apt room etc). All your items will be handled by professionals and carefully wrapped in furniture blankets and buble wraps in order to ensure a safe transit.

A specialist will be on your side and update you with any changes and completed tasks, he will do so until you are completly satisfied with your move.

Fees for the intersate service can vary depending on the weight (lbs) of your cargo and the distance between pick-up and drop-off.  The weight of your personal items is measured by weighing the loaded truck on a scale and subtracting the weight of the empty truck, from the weight of the loaded truck. To ensure that everything is correct, we recommend you to accompany the driver  while they are determining the weight.

Want to decrease the cost for the interstate move? find out if there are any restrictions that your new home might have and make the proper arrangements for the truck to access your walkway. If there are any bariers, please notify the movers.


Residential moving

The same amount of work and care will be put into this, even though you are moving down the block or in the same city. It is done faster, but the steps remain the same. An expert will make sure to present you the best options and will make the plans so that you can enjoy your new home.

Every relocation has unique requirements, that is why we treat every case individually. Our experts will make sure to make proper plannings and preparations in order so you can have a successful move.

Residential moving


Office moving

When it comes to commercial moving we are both skilled and experienced. We undertsand that this type of moving requires  detailed knowledge of commercial properties, experience with planning and project management, leading edge equipment and carriers, and an exceptional team of professional, skilled foremen and movers.

We will make sure to provide your business   with fast and efficient moves, deliveries, and packing services.  Our experts will answer any questions related to your move, during and after the work is complete.



In case that your items cannot be moved the same day, they will be placed in a secured facility. Our system will minimize handling which can bring damage to your belongings.

We provide storage for all types of household items and we can store from the equivalent of a regular closet up to a standard two-car garage.

The storage facility is monitored 24/7 and we provide customer storage insurance as well.

Other features  : climate controlled units, month to month rentals and computer controlled entry.

Need more info on unit sizze and equivalents? Just check out the dedicated page on our site.


Why choose us?

As professional moving company we only work with the best equipement and our team is made up of skilled foremen and movers.  That is why  Toronto Pro Moving & Storage is second to none in the commercial moving industry. Just ask for a free quote and see for yourself.