It is a difficult task to move ? Art objects and musical instruments due to the fragility of these objects. That is why art galleries hire professionals to move the items. We think that your possessions should be treated with the same amount of care.

As professional movers, we have made it our mission to offer our customers the proper planning and execution thanks to our team of professional movers, you can enjoy the new home or office while having a great moving experience, as we will answer any questions that you might have.


Professional moving services Toronto

The moving services involve proper assessment, planning and preparation as well as giving recommendations and alternatives. The services include residential moving, long distance moving, office moving and storage. In all the cases, our team of professional movers will pack up your items safely, in furniture, blankets and bubble wraps and take care of your belongings. The professional mover will inform you of any changes to be made ?and you will be put up to date by the moving specialist, who will cater to your needs until completely satisfied with the moving service.

For long distance moving the cost can vary depending on the weight of the cargo (lbs.) and the distance between pick-up and drop-off. The weight of your items is measured by weighing the loaded truck on a scale and subtracting the weight of the empty truck, called empty weight from the weight of the loaded truck. In order to ensure everything is correct, it is recommended that you accompany the driver while they are determining the weight of the cargo. Please note that you should notify the movers if there are any restrictions regarding the access and make the proper arrangements in order for the truck to access your walkway. This can decrease the cost of the interstate move.

moving services toronto

As for the office moving , it requires familiarity with modular furniture and storage, a vast experience with planning and project management, units as well as detailed knwoledge to commercial properties. Our goal is to?provide your businesses with fast and efficient moves, deliveries, and packing services. Your office will be moved fast and you will be enjoying you new office stress free.

Residential moving can be done quicker but the planning and the steps are the same. Our professionals will recommend the best strategies and do the proper planning and preparation so that you can have a good experince. We help you with the best moving tips and make sure to answer any question that you might have regarding the move.


Storage services Toronto

Every relocation is different, because of unique requirements and needs. It is possible that the cargo cannot be delivered the same day, in this case the items will be stored in a gated facility. It can minimize the handling that can be a risk of damaging your personal items. The facility is monitored 24 hours by a camera, and the entries are computer controlled. Other features for the storage service are: 100% climate controlled units, month to month rentals and customer insurance.

Storage services Toronto


The storage is provided for all types of household goods. Units sizes go from a closet up to a five bedroom house and as for objects: furniture, aplliances, files equipement etc.

If you are moving office, your home or just need a storage facility, why not choose us? Just ask for a free quote or send us a message.