Found a new wonderful home and you are all excited to move? If it would only be that easy. Try to remember last time when you packed your bags. Even the smallest room seemed to hide tones of things that you needed to sort and pack. It can be very close to a nightmare if you don’t have a clear strategy to approach this time consuming task.

These are just a few tricks you should take into consideration before you start looking for moving companies in Toronto:

  • Pack an overnight bag with essential stuff.
  • Use a plastic container for items you consider you will need to unpack and use first – it will help to be able to see what you have in there.
  • Label your boxes with all the essential information: what is in there, for what room, fragile or not.
  • Pack your plates vertically to make sure they don’t brake easily.
  • Don’t forget to buy a role of stretch wrap. It will become your best friend.
  • Also buy some sandwich bags. You will quickly discover that you own hundreds of very small items that need such small bags to be carried to their new home.
  • If you are not an IT genius, take a picture of the wires on your electronics to make sure you know how to connect them afterwards.
  • Suitcases, baskets for fruits and bread? Put them to work. Use them to carry stuff to your new place.
  • Use vacuum seal to save space.
  • If you have a lot of fragile objects to move, it will be wiser to select one of the moving companies in Toronto for the job. Their experience is worth the money if professionals are required.


Moving companies in Toronto

moving companies in toronto

Don’t forget to make sure you leave a clean house behind you, use a soap to cover nail holes in the walls, donate items you don’t need, sell on eBay what is too valuable to give away. This is it, you are ready to go. Remember to take pictures of your new house also, if it is rented to make sure you are not held accountable for any problems that are already there.