Have you already paid your “tribute” of time and energy to the whole tedious process of moving (you’ve packed everything, you’ve carefully chose your moving company etc., etc.) your household or office from one address/city/country to another and yet now a new challenge is here to demoralize you: picking the perfect place for storing some of your belongings till you’ve managed to move them all? Refuse to make any compromises when it comes to the safety of your belongings or to the customer care services that your self-storage Toronto company should provide you with and pick: Toronto Pro Moving and Storage!

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Now allow us to share with you some of the values that our team guides itself by in its endeavor to meet your storage needs:

Adapting To Your Own Specific Needs

Maybe you care a whole awful lot for your china, inherited from your grandma, or maybe just the thought of finding a tiny scratch on your motorbike gives you nightmares or you’d rather sell a kidney than lose your… impressive books collection. We totally understand that, so our front desk colleagues are here to carefully listen to all your specific indications, to all your valuable (either financially or emotionally) goods storage related “phobias”, so that we can put together the self-storage plan which is perfectly adapted to your own storage needs.


Putting Clean and Safe Storage Units At Your Disposal

We empathize with you, so putting ourselves into your shoes and imagining how it would be for us to store our lifetime belongings in some funny smelling, dirty storage units is what motivates us to strive and exceed your standards of cleanliness (here’s the complete list of differently sized storage units in our facility: https://torontopromovingandstorage.ca/storage/) . Also, we think that the whole moving process has caused you enough sleepless nights for you to be forced to go through some severe insomnia, once again, worrying about your goods’ safety: we provide a 24h video surveillance security system and computer controlled entry.

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Storage Toronto Accessibility

Now, how could we, a storage Toronto company, even talk about adaptability to your needs if we didn’t provide a 24h access to your unit, right? Do you need to take some of your stuff early in the morning or late at night? Well, feel entitled to step by and use your storage unit any time your schedule or some unexpected event forces you to, it’s your right and we’re here to grant you access to your belongings at any hour of the day or night.

Enough with the bragging now, don’t take our word for granted, but step by for a cup of coffee and a chat with one of our consultants instead or just gives us a phone call or fill in the estimate form on our website and we’ll get back to you ASAP!