We all know that antiques, glassware, and other fragile items often have high value or significant family importance. When moving to a new home, these items are often the most important to ensure safety for, and a truly professional, quality mover will respect that and make sure those items are handled with care. Different items require special preparation however, and this guide will assist anyone planning a move with preparing their special items for transport and if  you need antique movers toronto we are the ones that can help you.

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Why do people move antiques?

Antiques are common to find in many households, especially with older people that have kept them in their possession since they were much younger or that have been passed down through the family. These items often have great sentimental value and/or retail value, which can often make people uneasy about their transportation. It is highly recommended to let the professional movers handle the antiques and to not attempt to move them yourself. Professionals typically have a lot of experience with handling antiques, and in the case something happens to the item, most companies offer insurance to cover any damages.


How do we move them?

Some fragile porcelain or glass items such as kitchenware can be wrapped with special packing paper or bubble wrap and packed into boxes. Other items however, such as glass antiques, vases; mirrors etc. need more careful preparation. Often times these items are wrapped with more than one layer of protection, and positioned with precise attention to detail on the truck. For example, a mirror may be wrapped in a layer with special wrapping paper, then a moving blanket or two, and then finally a custom crate can be created from heavy corrugated cardboard to cover all of the surface area and provide a firm layer of outer protection. Usually this much is not needed for the protection of fragile items, but if it puts your nerves more at ease, then you can ask the mover and they can do so, usually for a very small fee to cover the cost of the non-reusable materials.

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Special cases

For extremely special or larger items, your mover may employ the use of a special crate for protection. A good moving company would be willing to crate certain items such as pianos or music accessories, to provide a solid layer of defense against anything that could harm the item in the crate. If you have an item that particularly worries you, be sure to ask your potential mover before you sign any agreements if they offer crating services. Be forewarned however, most, if not all companies will charge extra for the crate due to size and extra handling. Some companies may also have to custom build the crate for your needs.

All these havin been said we think that yu should trust us when it comes to your antiques and you will see that once you have chosen us you will not have any regrets and everything will be just the way you wanted to be when you called us.