Moving a piano requires planning and effort.  That’s why it is recommended to leave it on the professionals Piano Movers Toronto.

Pianos are extremely heavy and their finishes are very vulnerable to scratches, nicks and dents. Even a small piano can weigh more than 300 pounds. Grand pianos can easily weigh over 1000 pounds and older upright pianos tend to be top heavy, making them unstable and more difficult to move.

This is why we made a guide for your piano moving so you can be sure everything will be fine:

piano movers toronto1) Get to know your piano:

Before you do anything you should get to know your piano. Maybe it has a label on it or maybe you can find related information online. It is important to know what you are dealing with before you grab the bull by the horns. Figure out what are its dimensions, weight and weak points.


2) Plan your route:

Have a clear route from start to finish in mind before you begin to move the piano and communicate it to everyone who is helping you with the move. Use a taping measure and make sure that the spinet will fit trough every door or opening you plan to move it trough. If the piano is being moved out of the house to a moving truck, have the truck open and any moving ramps deployed in advance of the move. For safety reasons, at least one person per 100 pounds is recommended for this piano move.

3) Prepare the piano:

Lock down the spinet’s lid and the keyboard lid, if there is one. Wrap the piano in thick blankets or special moving blankets and use packing tape to secure the blankets around the piano. This will prevent scuffing on the finish and corners.

4) Move the piano Piano Movers Toronto:

A spinet’s low profile makes for a relatively easy move. Using as much help as you deem necessary, have each person lift up a different part of the piano at the same time. Be sure that everyone is lifting from firmly underneath the body of the piano. In small, measured steps, walk the piano to its destination.