Moving out? Let us give you a hand, thanks to us you can have a great experience, stress free and you can enjoy your new home or office in no time with the best Toronto moving company. Our professionals will make sure to take extra care of your items. By choosing us you are kept up to date with any necessary information and your personal items are treated with care by specialists. Also, the company will respect your privacy and will not share personal information with any third party outside the organization.


Toronto moving company Services

Toronto moving companyWe offer complete services for your home and office, fast deliveries, storage space and same day delivery for long distance move from Ottawa to Montreal the same day, for small loads. When it come to moving, we truly are the best in the business.

Long distance move is done fast and professional, your items will be wrapped in bubble wrap and furniture blankets. We take care of your items and answer any questions that you might have regarding the move. The cost for this service depends on the weight of the cargo and the distance from pick-up to drop-off.  If you learn of any restrictions that your new home might have and make sure to make the proper arrangements for the truck to reach your walkway, the cost can be reduced.

Also note that the weight of your cargo is measured by weighing the loaded truck on a scale and subtracting the weight of the empty truck, called empty weight from the weight of the loaded truck. In order to make sure  everything is correct, it is recommended that you accompany the driver while they are determining the weight of the cargo .

Residential moving takes less time, but we prefer to treat each case individually. Every relocation has unique requirements. An experts will show you the options and make the arrangements so that you can enjoy your new home. He will be by your side the whole time and will answer any questions regarding the move.

Office moving requires proper planning, knowledge of of commercial properties as well as experience with  project management. Our main goal is to offer your business packing services, deliveries and efficient moves. We will surpass your expectations thanks to our specialists who are trained to handle all types of items and top quality moving equipment.

In case your items can not be delivered the same day, they will be stored in a secured storage facility, that is gated. This reduces handling, which can ensure a better protection. The storage area is monitored 24h by a security camera.

Toronto moving company


The services for storage include:

  • 24 hr Video Surveillance and Monitored Alarm System
  • 100% Climate Controlled Units
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Computer Controlled Entry
  • Customer Storage Insurance

Storage space can be provided for a multitude of household items, as for space you can store from small loads up to a 4 to 5 bedroom house. Exact equivalents can be found in the dedicate page on the website.

Why choose us?

When it comes to moving, we are experts, we only use top quality moving equipment as safety is our main department. We are trusted by hundreds of customers, we always make sure to respect our deadlines. All our customers are fully insured, thanks to special insurance programs, we are able to cover up any item damage due to extreme situations.

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