Moving art, musical intruments and rare and fragile objects can be done easier, thanks to toronto moving experts. Moving such objects demands the help of experts, so that the pieces are intact upon arrival on site. Take a piano for instance, no matter the type (grand, upright or even electric) it will be moved in safety and tuned by experts. Other companies care only about not loosing parts (like keys) but do not care for tuning it afterwards, that is necessary when moving such objects. Art objects have to be perfectly handled.


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Professional movers will attend to your needs, regardless if it is long distance or short distance. They will pack up your items safely, in furniture blankets and bubble wraps and take care of your personal items. In case that there are any changes to be made you will be put up to date by the moving specialist, who will cater to your needs until completly satisfied with the moving service.

The fees for interstate depend on the distance between pick-up and drop-off, and weight of the cargo (lbs.) The weight of your personal items is measured by weighing the loaded truck on a scale and subtracting the weight of the empty truck, called empty weight from the weight of the loaded truck. It is recommended that you accompany the driver while they are determining the weight of the cargo to ensure everything is correct. It is also recommended to notify the movers if there are any restrictions regarding the access and make the requiredarrangements in order for the truck to access your walkway. This can decrease the cost of the interstate move.


toronto moving



The company provides this service for all types of household items, as there is a wide range of offers that can be used by clients. This permits a better handling of the goods, in case the moving can not be done in the same day. This way your personal items will be secured and stored overnight in a gated facility, which is monitored 24 hours a day by security camera. You can rest assured that your goods are safe with us.

The storage facility features include the following :

  • 24 hr Video Surveillance&Monitored Alarm System
  • 100% Climate Controlled Units
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Computer Controlled Entry
  • Customer Storage Insurance
  • Units size, equivalents and items that can be hold can be found in the dedicated section of the site.

Why chose Toronto moving service

First of all you are kept up to date with any necessary information and your personal items are treated with care by specialists. Clients testimonials are proof that the work that we do is appreciated. Second, the company will respect your privacy and will not share personal information with any third party outside the organization. Third, in case that you household can not be moved and deliverd the same day, it will be stored and secured overnight in a gated facility, that is monitored 24/7 by security cameras. You can have access to the camera feed and you also get a customer service insurance. Last but not least, you get the help of specialists who are trained to handle all types of items, form musical intruments to pieces of art. You can choose to move you items, household or office or store them in our gated  facility. The choice is up to you and your needs. All you have to do is to ask for a free quote, and your needs will be catered by professionals.