There are few things you should worry about when you’re searching for a moving service Toronto. That’s why we made a list of the most important things you should worry about.

1) The Blank Contract of Moving Service Toronto:

Don’t ever sign a black contract, no matter how much you like the mover. Make sure everything is written down on the contract. Your estimate and all extra fees should be right there, as well as your pickup and delivery dates.

2) Other Extra Fees:

You’re moving to or from a 10th floor apartment? Or you have a narrow street that won’t fit a moving van? You have to expect extra charges. Just make sure you discuss all those details before you start moving so you won’t have any surprises.

3)The Name Change:

Some companies constantly do business under new names so they can escape bad reputation. Be sure the company has a local address and informarion about their insurance and licensing. They should answer the phone with their full name and not something generic like “moving services”.

Moving service Toronto

4) Late or No Delivery:

A mover will come and pack, load and promise to deliver your belongings “on-time.” Then, they call saying your goods are in the back of a truck behind two other peoples’ belongings, so you can’t receive your furniture until theirs is delivered first. Or, if the mover has a licensing violation and their truck is impounded in transit, all your valuables are stuck on board until the truck is released. Either of these situations result in your goods being delivered weeks later…or not at all.